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“My Belly is Pregnant with Night”: A Micro-Review of Kika Dorsey’s Rust:

“Kika Dorsey, Rust”:
Bombay Gin (Issue #43) To order a copy,


“I have worked with Kika for several years. Her work with students both in the classroom and in one-on-one tutoring sessions is very strong. She listens to students’ concerns and can draw from vast experience in writing and teaching to tailor instruction to an individual student’s needs”—Kathleen Hefley, Arts and Letters Faculty, Students Success Center Director, Front Range Community College

“Kika is a skilled editor with a sharp eye for how to bring out the best in any piece while still maintaining the author’s original intent and voice. Equally talented at working with creative and academic work, she is a conscientious and supportive force at every stage of the writing and editing process. Highly recommended.” –Sarah Landenwich, college instructor and tutor

“Several years ago, I took an English class from Professor Kika Dorsey and learned how to write a variety of papers. Kika was willing to hold my hand and walk me through the rough edges of each paper with patience, kindness, clarity, and guaranteed excitement about my subject matter.” Lisa Lopez, former student at Front Range Community College

“I have had Kika Dorsey look at both academic and creative work; she has an encouraging revision style and ideas that foster what is planted. With her input, one’s work is sure to be deeply understood and given the fine-tuning it needs to rise from good to great.”–H.P. Armstrong, former student at Front Range Community College